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Ahmet Göker
3 min readMar 13, 2022

Hey everyone, Today I will be covering and explainig some useful tools which can be used in your pentest progress. Please consider to follow me on social media, i will share my hacking journey and techniques being able to make your work smoothly thus lets get started.

I want to demonstrate some useful free tools as follow. Of course you might add more features. There can be the second part of this series please share your thoughts, if you do want to know more about such tools. What I will cover is not comprehensive in fact, more tools have been creating and developing rapidly.


Slingshot is an Ubuntu-Based distro with the MATE desktop environment built for use in the SANS penetration testing curriculum and beyond. Desgined to be stable, reliable ad learn, is built with vagrant.

The C2 matrix

Matrix of command and control framworks for penetration tessting, red teaming and purple teaming


Portions of kerberos tickets may be encrypted using the password hash of the target service, and is thus vulnerable to offline brute force attacks that may expose plaintext credentials.


KillerBee is a framework, programming API and suite of tools for testing the security of ZigBee wireless networks


KillerZee is a framework, programming API and suite of tools for testing the security Wave wireless networks.


MFSmartHack is a suite of tools for hacking MIFRE DESFire and ULC high frequency RFID cards


Bluecrypt is a simple implementation of the bluetooth authentication cryptographic functions including E0,E21,E22, includes some wrapper functions to make Bluetooth authentication functions a little simpler.


A swiss army knife for pentesting internal networks, allows pentesters to perform post-exploitation at scale


Scripts to make password spraying attacks against Lync/S4B a lot of quicker, less painful and more efficient


A PoC backdoor that uses Gmail as a C&C attack.


Spoofs a DHCP server and exploits all clients vulnerable to the ‘shellshock’ bug.


This python script is a HashCat wrapper to help automate the cracking process. The script includes multiple functions to select a set of wordlist and rules, as well as the ability to run a bruteforce attack, with the custom mask, before the rules/wordlist attack.


Android_Emuroot is a python script that allows to grant root privilges to Google API. Playstore emulator shells on the fly to help reverse engineers to go deeper into their investigations.


The Gryffindor RAT was released at Derbycon 2018(please check that out)


Netcat implementation in Powershell 2.0 to allow maximum portability on all Powershell enabled hosts.


CoWPAtty is a WPA2-PSK password cracking tool


Oculus is a malleable python-based C2 system allowing for instatiation of listeners for the purpose of communication with RAT(remote access trojan).


The Diagon attack framework is a Prismatica application containing the RavenClaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin remote access trojan.

Red Bacon

Automate creating resilient, disposable, secure and agile infastructure for red teams.


A command and control scanning tool.

Lastly, these tools are resprented for ethically I do not recommend you to use such tools for bad purposes. I just wanted to show and explain you that these tools are being used for GIAC,SANS certs and as being a red team professional. I higly advise you to check those tools more in depth and reading the instructions what it does. What I showed are not enough being able to update your ability use a sandbox. There shall be the second part of this blog about this.

Many Thanks for the support.

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