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Hey technophile,

welcome back to my blogpost today I am going to cover about wireless hacking, which every hacker wants to learn :) thus lets kick off.In this blog I am not going to show you step by step how these tools work however, any requesting of yours why not:)

The Wireless World

The wireless world is big and broad. The wireless networking that we have on our home network access points is the 802.11 WI-FI standart but the term ‘wireless’ encompasses as huge swath of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes X-rays, light, radio, and other forms of wireless energy. Oke I reckon that this explanation of wirelesss shall be enough lets cover about the most interesting part hacking the WI-FI:)

Of course we have some wireless attack types in terms of hacking such as attacking the access point etc.. now look at the following types

Types of Wireless Hacking

Each part of the wireless spectrum and the various communication standards for it determine the types of hacking that are likely to be performed on them

most likely when you get hacked you will be facing such issues in the real scenario the attacker wants to retrieve and gather some information lets talk about briefly

Good representation of what can happen in them all. In general, most wireless hacking is done to either conduct eavesdropping, capture information, unathorizedly share the wireless communication’s broadcast spectrum, cause of denial of service attack(DDOS), control the server

Oke lets now talk about types of attack.

Attacking the Access point

Every wireless technology has one or more access points(APs) to allow mitting and/or receiving, and these are often connected to terrestrial or other types of communication systems. Hackers can directly attack the AP to compromise the wireless communicatioın. They can crack the AP admin password, change its operation..

Denial of service

The simplest form of wireless hacking is crudely interrupting or overpowering the legitimate communication’s signal, otherwise known as ‘jamming’ or ‘flooding’ If I can stop you from communicating over your intended wireless channel and deny you service, it becomes useless

Guessing a Wireless Channel Password

Some wireless technologies require a password (or other authentication proofs) for a client to join the wireless spectrum provided by the participating AP. Rarely do APs lock out device after a set number of incorrect guesses. So wirelessly cracking devices can guess away until they uncover the correct password

Session hijacking

Many attack types have the ultimate goal of taking over the victim’s legitimate communication session. This is often done by flooding the wireless network, causing a disruption, and then either tricking the client into allowing the hacker’s client to take over, modifying the session in an unauthorized way, or tricking the client into connectingh to a roque AP.

Stealing Information

Stealing information is more of an outcome of wireless hacking, but I’m threating here as its own hacking method because oftentimes the entire hacking session is done to steal information. Such is the case with RFID hacking

If you want to learn more about RFID hacking here is the link whereby you can read the whole information

Some Wireless Hacking Tools

before showing and explaining there are dozens of tools out there but I am going to cover most common tools of hacking tools that can be used to performing wireless hacking, any general-purpose protocol capturing program like Wireshark.


The most popular 802.11 wireless cracking tools is Aircrack-ng. Released in 2005 as an open-source wireless auditing tool, this frequently updated tool has become both an attacker and defender tool of choice

for more information I left a link here;


Kismet has become another of the go-to 802.11 hacking tools. It can help someone break into a wireless network or alert you if someone else is trying to do the same to you.

Fern WIFI hacker

Fern WIFI hacker helps hacker with many of the hacking methods, which I mentioned above.


Walk into a coffee shop and fire up Firesheep. It will look for and any HTML cookies it can find on the shared wireless media. Stealing HTML cookies was possible way before firesheep came into being, but Firesheep made it as easy as starting a browser. Firesheep was the tool that started many places seriously thinking wireless.

Oke we have covered about attacking perspective now lets move forward to defensive side :)

Wireless Hacking Defenses

There are as many defenses as there are attacks

Predefined Client Identification

Many wireless technologies have defenses that only allow predefined clients to connect.In the 802.11 spectrum, many APs allow only devices with predefined MAC address to connect. An AP can also only accept digital certificates from predefined.

Strong Protocol

No defenses beats a strong password 802.11 started off with wired equivalent privacy(WEP), which was later found to be very vulnerable. It was replaced with WI-FI protected Access (WPA), which has proven to be remarkebly ressisant to attack ever since. WPA can be used with passwords,digital certificates, or other enterprise authentication methods.There have been a few successful attacks against various versions of WPA, but far fewer than most experts would have predefined.

Patching Access Point

Access points often have vulnerabilities, so appylıng the vendor’s patches in a timely manner is a must.

Long password

If the wireless AP requires a password to join, make sure that the password is very long could be 30 characters or longer. The same thing applies to making sure the APs admin password has been changed because most likey you will get the default credentials from the provider.

Electromagnetic Shielding

For remote wireless attacks, like those against RFID-enabled credit cards putting anti-electromagnetic shielding around the physical transmitter can prevent eavesdropping.EM shielding is also known as EMI shielding.


Lastly, we are not done yet . There are a lot of tools and information out there however, I wanted to cover wireless hacking briefly to my followers and the society to prevent such attacks do a research and read the documantation and please stay bare with me I will be able to create a video about this topic legally but need to fix my Wireless card lol:)

Many thanks for reading this blog I supposed that ı covered everything admirably.Please ask me if you did not understand or that you want to learn more info:))

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